Arizona’s not hot?

12 new missionaries at the Phoenix Arizona temple.
12 new missionaries at the Phoenix Arizona temple.

Hey friends and family!!!

So I was expecting a rush of heat when I got off the plane in AZ but it was actually pouring rain!!!! I thought I was back home! Haha but don’t worry, it was probably 90 degrees the next day. No, okay, so some people I have talked to here are about to go buy flowers to plant!! I am cry-laughing right now! We would NEVER plant flowers at this time in Idaho!!! But the members are all waaaaay nice to me! They also all think they are geniuses with greenie/greener jokes! I think I have heard “Greenier” five times and I’m “Greener” than my companion because I’m brand new about 200 times! It’s great!!!!

My companion is pretty cool too! She’s a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan!! Haha we make pretty stupid jokes so it’s pretty fun. EVERYONE tells me how awesome she is so I’m lucky to have her as a trainer!  I’ve been told I’ll become a Sister Training Leader because my companion is going to make me awesome! So pretty much she’s funny and Heavenly Father loves her!!!! She’s a really hard worker but we actually have fun too. It’s like we are still humans or something! Who knew missionaries had fun right?

So we cover three wards and we are the only sisters in our zone. So we are hanging out with about 15 smelly elders right now. But Heavenly Father loves them too! Even when they are smelly! So I met three wards worth of members yesterday! Three very big wards! Can you imagine meeting even one whole ward in one day? I don’t think I can remember a single name from all three wards. I’ve got the bishops and ward mission leaders memorized and that’s about all I can do right now haha. I just stood at the door and said, “Sister Greener, Burley, ID, it’s about three hours south of Rexburg” about 2 million times. I don’t even know if that’s the right distance?! But everyone in Peoria, AZ now thinks that Burley is three hours south of Rexburg so there’s that. We eat dinner at a members house every night and then share a message. Usually my companion (Sister Huck) just gives a lesson and I add my testimony. Everyone is SO excited when they find out that I am only a couple days into my mission. But one night, the dad found out I was only a couple days in and asked me to share a message. I freaked out at first but just followed the spirit and it ended up being a lesson they really needed. And they told me that. And then I remembered why I was in a mission. To touch the hearts of those I teach. I’m glad that that dad gave me the opportunity to share my testimony. It made me feel a lot more confident with being a new missionary!

 In one of my wards, there was a new mission leader sustained yesterday and we met with him and he said “I’m sorry, I’m new and I’m just trying to figure this all out.” And I said “me too brother haha” and then we laughed whilst crying. Haha. And another thing with being a new missionary is that EVERYONE asks you to pray! They’ve all asked my companion to pray over the last 12 weeks so everyone thinks they need to ask me. I prayed in every sacrament, every meeting, and in every person’s home! And just think, I go into tons of people’s homes in one day. Needless to say I’m pretty good at praying now. But one thing here in AZ is that no one answers the door. We hear people talk and see lights on but they still don’t come to the door. We ring the doorbell twice and knock. So they for sure heard us. I was like, I always answered the door if I was home. But here they don’t answer the door!!! It makes being a missionary hard! But I’m glad to be here and I am learning so much. Missionaries are awesome. Ask the missionaries in your area if you can do anything for them, and let them do things for you! I am the happiest when people let me serve them!

 I love you all and I’m praying for you daily!! Have great weeks!                                                                                                     Love,  Sister Greener


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