2017-0227Our zone set a goal to get 57 new investigators for the month and last Monday night, our zone leaders texted all of us saying that we had only found 21 so far. It was the last week of the month, so the zone leaders challenged all of us to find 8 new investigators as a zone the next day. So Tuesday we all worked hard and smart. As Sister Duncan and I were tracting, we knocked the first door in a duplex and no one answered so we left a note and went to the next door. While we were waiting at the door that never opened, the guy from the first door came out and was picking up the note we had left. We went over and talked to him and taught him the restoration and he agreed to have us back to learn more.

We messaged a former investigator on Facebook and she said she is ready to get baptized, just needs to tell her parents. Set up an other appointment. That was the first time on my whole mission I have used Facebook to teach a lesson.

A young man about 20 walked into the church and asked to be baptized so he can go on a mission.

Those three were in our area but together the zone got 8 new investigators on Tuesday. It was pretty amazing to see the blessings as we prayed and put our faith in the work.

Happy March!

With love,

Sister Greener




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