MTC shananigans (I would say shanans but missionaries can’t use slang)

What is going on brothers and sisters?!
(when you’re a sister missionary but you still into those fam-greetings)
Okay so I don’t even know what to write because I have so many things that I want to say! So I was really proud of myself for a couple days because I had not even had a break down and it had been four days or so! And you know, girls have these really sensitive emotions. You know, statistics say that 100% of sisters have a break down whilst at the MTC. And I said to myself: wow, Sister Greener, you are way stronger than you thought you were. I was having tons and tons of fun! I was learning so much and I absolutely loooove my companion! Things were super good and I often thought to myself how just good I have felt being at the MTC. I am so laughing right now because then on Monday night I had my first super break down! Haha, we were so tired and it was probably 8:30 at night and we had been going all day (the usual) and we were learning how to teach something (I don’t even remember what it was and that was three days ago) and I could not figure out how to say whatever it was that we were supposed to do! I was so tired and I got so frustrated but I didn’t let myself cry! But then after class was over and we were going back to our residence, my stinkin companion asked if I was okay and then I just broke down! Haha, but she was so good to me and she rubbed my back until I was done and when I was done crying I was like, why was I crying over that? Haha so you could definitely say that it is a stressful time here at the MTC. But it’s also the most spiritual time here at the MTC.
So a typical day is like this: breakfast, personal study, companionship study, additional study, classroom instruction, lunch, additional study, lessons, dinner, classroom instruction, personal study/reflection. You might have noticed that there is a lot of study time involved in the MTC schedule. And it’s funny because I actually need MORE study time! My companion and I are teaching three investigators and one member. That is why we need so much study time! You would think that they would teach us the lessons we are supposed to teach in class, but we actually have to learn the lessons during study time too! It’s the beeeeest. Well, they did teach the first lesson to us, but we are now teaching one of our investigators the fourth lesson and we just straight don’t know how to teach it! Haha my companion always says “straight” like how I just did and since we spend so much time together, it’s kind of a word I say a lot now too! By the way, I’m pretty sure these investigators are paid to come to the MTC to be taught and they give us a schedule of times that we are supposed to meet with them but we still pretend like we are going to their house. So we go up to the classroom door and knock on it and everything! And then in the lesson we ask if we can come back the next day and then they are always like “is that what the schedule says?” So I think that is kind of funny because we haven’t even set up another appointment and their already planning on us coming back?! (; Did anyone catch my sarcasm through this email?
Alright so having a companion is kinda super weird but it’s kind of super amazing. I know that Heavenly Father designed companionships. I know that I am supposed to be with my companion for a reason. Her name is Sister Bauer (said like Bower ya feel) and she is basically the same person as me but a little more normal and a little more awesome!! Haha. We get along really well!! Our lessons are amazing because when I straight cannot think of what to say next, Sister Bauer can jump in with something! And vice versa! Over the past couple of days, we haven’t been able to figure out what we are supposed to teach so we just come up with a couple ideas, pray for the spirit to guide us, and then go into the lesson. Every single time, the lesson goes amazing!! It just proves that the spirit is the teacher, not the missionaries!! Because as long as we are trying and studying, we open the oor for the spirit to be able to teach through us.
My companion and I had the opportunity to do choir here at the MTC. So we practiced Sunday and Tuesday and then sang at the Tuesday night devotional. The song that we sang was Joseph Smith’s First Prayer. The reason I am telling you all about this is because my testimony was really strengthened as we sang this song!! In the song, there is a part where we sing as if we are God. The words are “Joseph, This is my Beloved, Hear Him.” I could feel the spirit so strongly as I sang the words that God spoke! God actually said that and He actually appeared to Joseph Smith!!! We had already taught one lesson about the Restoration, but after we sang this song, we changed the way that we taught. This was not just a story– this actually happened! I was totally crying during choir practice but I did not even shed a tear at the devotional, because I got all strong or something haha! But I can really feel the spirit in every single place here at the MTC. This is really sacred ground. I am sad when it is quiet time at night and I hear sisters running around and laughing really loud. Since I am one of the Sister Training Leaders, I made sure to tell the new district to treat this place like it is sacred, because it is! It has been dedicated to teach missionaries. Not to be rambuncious (haha I think you understand the word I am trying to say). I can feel the spirit in every room and even in the gym and as we walk in between buildings. This is a really special place and I am thankful to be here.
I am really close to my district and especially my companion. Some Elders and Sisters have shared things with us that they haven’t even told their parents. It’s truly amazing. Not only are companionships inspired, but so are districts and zones. I love my zone so much. (The other districts in our zone aren’t quite as awesome as mine though) So on Tuesday night, one of the sisters in my district was in need of a blessing. So she got one and then after her companion really wanted one. Then my companion got one, and then me. Not because I felt like I needed it, but because it was a good opportunity to receive revelation and comfort from the Lord. Some of the elders then received blessings. The spirit was so strong that night and we came even closer as a district than we already were. It was a lot of the Elder’s first times giving a blessing but the spirit was still so so strong. My companion and I were both crying. Obviously. I think that’s part of the reason we were put together as companions so that we could cry all the time!!
This really isn’t a journal entry, I just have so much to tell you all!!! If you have a moment, I would like to hear from each of you!! I am praying for you all and love you so much!!!
Love, Sister Greener


One thought on “MTC shananigans (I would say shanans but missionaries can’t use slang)

  1. Sister Greener, just read your blog on face book, so nice to see you are doing great, which is what we all pray for. Sounds like you will be a great missionary, especially if you teach with the spirit. Just know Heavenly Father’s angels are with you all the time, comforting, teaching and watching over you. Have a great week.


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