Missionaries are awesome!

Hey friends!

So in Preach my Gospel it says to teach everyone you meet. We were finding one day and drove past some policemen.image1 2 So we pulled over and started teaching them. They got really mad. They said we were soliciting and that we needed to leave. But we persistently tried to explain to them how the gospel will bless their lives. They ended up putting us in their car for insubordination. This is a fake story but we did talk to some cops and asked if we could sit in their car and take a photo. Since we are missionaries they knew we wouldn’t post the photo on social media so they let us take a photo haha! So there you go.

This week I prayed really hard that we would have people to teach and we have a bunch of potential investors now!!!! So we should have a really good couple weeks!!!! Heavenly Father answers prayers!!! And whenever my companion needs something, she just prays and somehow someone always ends up having the thing she needs. Like she needed running shoes so she prayed and then a member was just like hey I have these running shoes that are exactly your size that I don’t need. And like she needed some new garment tops so she prayed about it and today and elder said that someone had some extra female garment tops unopened and gave them to him and he asked if we wanted them. She’s totally casual about it too though. She just has a really good relationship with Heavenly Father and she’s just amazing!!! We kinda get a long (:image2 1

For Halloween we had three ward’s trunk or treats so we did our car all our up and made some Elsa and Olaf skirts. We bought some skirts at a thrift store and then printed some snowflakes and stuff on transfer paper and ironed them onto the skirts! We looked so awesome.  It is the best photo I have but you get the idea. Please notice the pass along cards and BoM used as decorations in our trunk! 😀

Also, I’m starting to be a little less clueless here in the mission so Sister Huck started letting me write the notes that we leave in people’s doors! Since no one answers their doors, we leave a lot of notes! Me withimage3 one of the first notes I wrote!!!! (And my friend… The iPad)

So sorry not a lot of really exciting stories this week but I know Heavenly Father is listening to my prayers and is helping me out. I love my mission and the time I have out here to prove my love for Heavenly Father. He loves all of you and so do I!!! I’m praying for you all!! Have amazing weeks (:

Love,       Sister Greener


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