For Sure, For Sure

We have an investigator who has been learning about the gospel since September, and has been on date for baptism several times since then.

He talked to the Chaplin of his church (never let your investigators talk to a Chaplin, it is never good) and was taught very negative things about the church. It made him question his faith and his spiritual confirmations that he’s had. So for the last couple months, he’s been attending our church services but he hasn’t really been meeting with us or progressing at all. Usually if an investigator doesn’t meet with us for a while, we drop them and contact them again a few months later when they’ve had some time.

 For some reason we didn’t feel like we should drop him even though he wasn’t meeting with us. Each week we ask what we should do next with him and we never know. We ask ourselves why he is still in our area book as an investigator. We decided two weeks ago that we would talk to his fellowshipper and then decide the next week if we should keep him or let him go. This whole time we are praying for him, of course.

 On Monday night, we are just out finding and knocking doors when he texts us saying “Hey, can I talk to you about baptism?” We say “of course,” right? He replies, “I’m ready to be baptized and I’ll do whatever it takes to get there.” It was one of the best things I’ve ever read in my entire life. I know God heard our prayers and was working on his heart. God never takes a break from his work, even when it seemed like this investigator wasn’t progressing.

 Just to tell you a little more about our investigator, he comes from a Christian background and has a strong belief in Christ. He has some of the most sincere glory and worship for our Lord, and can never thank Him enough for all He has done. Our investigator has read the Book of Mormon and prayed so hard to know if it was true. Despite the misleading information he received from other churches, he has come to know through the Spirit that this is the true church. All of his questions have been put to rest, because everything can be made right through Jesus Christ. He can’t change us unless we are willing, though. Our investigator put in the work to pray sincerely, read consistently, and attend church services. He was rewarded for his effort with answers to his questions. Likewise we can all find peace and fairness in life if we put our trust in our Savior and show that trust through diligence in the gospel.2017 0403

 Thanks for all of the love, support, and prayers. I need it, my area needs it, and I can assure you that we feel of it.   With love,

Sister Greener

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