So apparently my AreaBook app thinks I shouldn’t be in flagstaff because it keeps coming up with a notification that says “Transfer Detected” and the name of my last area. Kinda funny but then it erases any changes I have made here in my actual area. It always keeps me here in flagstaff but about once a week it deletes everything. The Lord has been pretty good at reminding us of the things that had been scheduled and planned, but we must not have been listening because we missed an appointment with a potential new investigator on Thursday night and didn’t realize it until last night! It will all work out though, I am still glad to only carry around an iPad with all of our information rather than binders and books.

We picked up a new investigator in our YSA this week. He is the nephew of some members2017-0123 and he lives in their apartment by their house. He asks tons of questions- and really good questions. He is super cool and understands the Book of Mormon really well. It always blows my mind to see investigators change their actions and their beliefs so willingly. They are all examples of great faith to me.

We were teaching one of our investigators on Saturday and she said her member friend told her to check out so I thought I would make sure you all know when you are talking to nonmembers about the gospel, it’s not….. haha big difference (:

Next week is transfers, that means p-day Tuesday. This could be the last week of the Greener+Kline power companionship. Now enjoy this photo of us at Baskin Robbins with the spoons of all the samples I tried!

🐘 Sister Greener


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