Zone Goals and Temple Rewards

Hey friends and family!!!

This week really ended on a good note! We have been doing a lot of finding lately and it gets discouraging sometimes!! Well this week we said a lot more prayers throughout the day as we were finding so that we would be able to be in the right place to find those who are prepared for the gospel. We ended up finding two people who will have us come back and two nonmembers who we have been looking for. It might not sound like much but that’s a lot more than the last three weeks.

We also stayed a lot more positive as we were knocking door to door. A very important part of our finding the past few days was in our prayers we asked Heavenly Father that the people we talked to wouldn’t be mean. Not even that they would be nice, just that they wouldn’t be mean! And no one was! Even though people being mean makes for great stories, people being not mean makes you feel happier! Hey, just so you know, Heavenly Father answers prayers!

This week on studies I was reading 2 Nephi 4. Nephi in this chapter talks about how he is a “wretched” man because of his sins and his past. If you are familiar with this verse, you know that whenever someone talks about it they say “Nephi was such a great man and he says he is wretched, then I must be even worse.” (Or something like that but more spiritual) I was thinking about why this is the case. Why does Nephi feel this way? Joseph said “the nearer a man is to perfection, the clearer his views, the less desire he has to sin.” I thought it was so profound! As we continue to grow in righteousness, we lose desire to sin at all. Satan can and will still tempt us, but he will not have power because we will have no yearning to give in. I think it is a strong sign of your growth when you feel that you have done such wrong, it means you are in the direction toward Heavenly Father. And the sorrow, that godly sorrow, that you feel is what leads you to repent.

Well that’s about the most exciting thing that happened this week, but we get to go to the temple this week as a zone! A few months ago, our zone reached a goal so we got rewarded with a temple trip and we are just now getting it! Haha most of the people in that zone have been transferred, but they might get to come anyway! The only bad part is that we have to go to the 7:30! AM! session, and Flagstaff is two hours away so we have to leave at 5am which means we have to wake up around 4!!! Just one of those things, pros and cons. It will be a good week though, and so will yours as you keep trusting in Heavenly Father! I love you all!

Sister GreeneršŸ§



One thought on “Zone Goals and Temple Rewards

  1. so great to read your letter, sounds like you are having a wonderful mission, my missionaries are sure enjoying their missions, we have one in Albania, Denmark, Fort Lauderdale Spanish speaking, and one just came home from Washinton D.C. south. So many blessings come to the family and to the missionaries when they are out serving the Lord. Work hard and enjoy your time in the mission field



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