Happy Re-Birthday

AJ got baptized on Saturday and it was such a great day. We had our last lesson with him at our favorite restaurant. They sing on people birthdays so we were trying to very casually say it was Sister Duncan’s birthday as the waiters walked by so that we could embarrass her and have everyone sing to her. It wasn’t really her birthday though so I felt kind of bad about lying. But I realized that my 16 month mark for my mission was on Tuesday so it was pretty close to my mission birthday! So then they were trying to tell the waiter it was my birthday but I didn’t like that so we just gave up and ate a pazookie. It wasn’t until after AJ’s baptism that night that we realized it was obviously AJ’s birthday the whole time, since he was being reborn that day!

What a great baptism, though. So many people from the ward came to support him. We were packed tight with each other and with the spirit. AJ is one of those people who was willing to stop or start doing something as soon as we taught it. He has some of the strongest faith I’ve ever seen and he is such a huge example to me. Unfortunately, he has a job site in Nevada and we won’t be able to teach him his new member lessons. I hope the missionaries do a good job… but that they aren’t as cool as us (; I really love AJ a lot, though. I met him over a year ago when I was serving here in Flag the first time. We taught him most of the lessons but then he moved for work and wasn’t able to be baptized. He came back at the end of December and I had the privilege of teaching him from start to finish and see him make this covenant. And I feel soo happy. This is eternal joy.

On another note, it is kind of weird that I am at 16 months? People keep telling me I’m almost done but I still feel so new. I still feel like the end of my mission doesn’t seem real. I’m really glad that it feels that way, though. I hope I can serve the Lord the best I can for the rest of my mission. He’s helped me so much and it’s the least I can do to serve and teach His children. Thanks for all of the love and support back home, I love you all!

Love, Sister Greener

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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