Prayer with a Home

Hello everyone who reads my weekly!!

I can’t believe its Christmas time again! Phoenix is a little sparse on the snow so it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas but the people here in Peoria seem to go all out with decorations so it makes it seem a little more like Christmas!

Sister McKenzie and I were put into a new ward this transfer and it is such a great ward! The members are all awesome and there’s a lot of potential here. We don’t have any investigators right now but we are always trying. There’s a couple less actives here that we are really hopeful for. The most effective work is when members are helping us out so we are trying to work with the members as much as we can. We always pray with members when we are about to leave their home but my brain has been struggling lately and I ask them “can we leave your prayer with a home?” Haha I don’t know why my brain gets that all mixed up. Anyway I hope you all have great weeks!

Sister Greener




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