The Unusual Usual

Hi Everyone!!!

Another week has come and gone. This will be my last week as a trio and then it will just be Sister McKenzie and I taking over the world.

We had this day where it sounds cliché to say but it was really led by the Lord. It started with an afternoon of finding less actives, but it turned into so many miracles. First, we got a phone call right before we were about to knock on a door. The phone call lasted about 10 minutes which as soon as we were walking up to the door after the phone call, the person who lives there, came home! Talk about good timing. We were able to set a lesson with her.

Next, we went to another area and first went to Lars Larsen. Not home. Sister Vermillion felt inspired to see another name that was not on the plans for the day, which caused us to back track on our plans. But we did it anyway! While walking, we ran into a landscaper who was a member of a different stake and he stopped and talked to us in front of the house we were about to go to, stalling us long enough for the people to come home so we could visit with them.

On the walk back to our plans, we passed Lars Larsen’s home again, where he had just pulled in from a hunting trip! We can’t plan these kind of things, people. At the end of the afternoon, some kids got off the bus and walked by us, one of them yelling “hey missionaries!” We stopped and talking to him and he turned out to be the only interested member of his less active family. 2016-1031

To reward ourselves for an afternoon of finding, we went to McDonalds to get dipped cones. While there, the Lord put yet another less active in our path. She said to come by her house sometime next week.

I love this work for this very reason and more. This is the Lords work and he uses the weak and simple to bring about his great purposes.

🐘 Sister Greener


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