Stripe-ling Warriors

2016-1017Hey everyone!

Last week we had a sister in our apartment go home sick, so we are now in a trio with the other sister, covering her two wards and our two wards. Sister McKenzie, Sister Vermillion, and I. Being in a trio is really great. It has been a fun week but managing four wards is kind of difficult.

On Saturday, Sister Vermillion and Sister McKenzie accidentally put on striped shirts. So they made me change into a striped shirt so we could all match. We went to a ward breakfast and the members started calling us the “Stripe-ling Warriors.” Hence the subject!

Two Thursdays ago, Sister McKenzie and I tracked into a lady named Jessica. She stepped out and talked to us for a bit and then her two nine year old daughters came out and talked to us. They said they would love to hear what we have to say. We taught her twice last week and she committed to be baptized on October 29! She recently went to a “feel-good” “self help” seminar which she said completely changed her and if we had come a week sooner she would have told us no. God is preparing his children, and we never really know who they are.

Love you all!

Sister Greener


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