She’s Flores, But I’m Still Greener!

sister-greener-and-floresHey everyone,

These past few weeks I have realized something I think will help everyone in any way. So get pumped. There is power in prayer, right?

You hear everyone say it. Do you see the power in YOUR prayers? Can you see blessings given to other people because of your prayers? Do you have enough faith to ask for specific things in your prayers?

I served with this member who worked at a Daycare. Some days she didn’t like it. Like when gross things happened. So one day, I prayed specifically that the kids would not have blow outs in their diapers and that no one would spit up on her. Haha kinda weird but that’s what I prayed for. I was talking to her later and she said she had a great day at work and nothing gross happened! Haha. This is something so simple, but I know my prayer was answered.

This Saturday I just prayed to Heavenly Father and asked if please some miracle would happen and we would get ONE new investigator the next day, for the individual’s sake. We got a text from a potential at about 4 o clock who said we could come over that night and that she’d be home. So we cancelled and rearranged our schedule so that we could go. She then became a new investigator (who is awesome and loved the lesson, her name is Be!).

The miracles go from as small as something gross not happening to something huge like someone willing to listen to the gospel. My point is that being specific cans help you see the blessings more clearly, and also helps God answer prayers in the way that you want.

Thanks for listening, you’re all wonderful children of God!

🐘Sister Greener


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