Just Crunch It In Your Ear And Save It For Tomorrow’s Q-Tip

This week was so good! It started off on the right foot last Tuesday night, right after P-Day ended. We went to a lesson, who was not there when we got there. So we started doing our back-up plans which was to contact a few people who live in the same complex as our appointment. We don’t go there very often and we had recently gotten a new referral so we didn’t know where her apartment was exactly. We were looking at the numbers on the doors while walking around when a man a ways off calls to us and says “do you live here?” We replied no and didn’t know what else to say so we said “do you live here?” He huffed and turned around. So we kept walking and then he turned back around and called “I hope your not those Jehovah’s Witness or any of those people. They just make me sick.” We continued walking. A little later we were standing at the door of someone writing a note when a different man walked up to us with his dog. He was chatting with us and being friendly and all of a sudden the first guy comes marching over and asks the man “do you know them?” The man with the dog didn’t reply. The first guy said “I’m calling the police.” So he stood right there and called 911 on us hahaha. We heard the lady getting in him for calling in an emergency when it wasn’t. While waiting for the cop the man told us many things, one of which was “I’ve read the bible and all I got was pain and tears.” Hopefully we planted a seed of kindness there.

We also got to teach a lot of lessons this week. It is really nice to see the work starting to progress more here in Flagstaff. I’m happy to be serving and thankful for all of your support and prayers.

With love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sister Greener🐧


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