Anything is Better Than Wonderful

As a missionary, you talk to people so much you start saying filler
words in response to people. My mission friend always said “that’s
wonderful!” Well, one night this lady was telling her some serious
problems she was having and in response this sister said “that’s
wonderful!!” She decided that is probably not the best thing to say to
people so she now says “cool, cool,cool!”

We learn in Alma 17 of how the sons of Mosiah fasted and prayed much
and were able to teach powerfully and convert many Lamanites. This
month our whole ward and sister Willis and I were praying and fasting
for the missionary work in this area. At the beginning of the month,
Sister Willis and I set goals and told Heavenly Father we wanted to
find 5 new investigators by the end of the month to help these people
and help hasten the work in Flagstaff. All month we worked really hard
and tried a lot of new things, but did not see a lot of progress in
new investigators. On June 30, this last Thursday, Sister Willis and I
had too many lessons and had to go on splits with members. While doing
double the work that night, we found 5 new investigators. I promise
Heavenly Father answers prayers and blesses us in our fasts. Sometimes
it’s in the last 3 hours of the month, but He will answer. I hope you
all have a great week!

Sister GreeneršŸ§


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