Grand Canyon, Elder Holland and the Temple

So back in April, Elder Holland visited missions in the Southwest. Unfortunately, the day he was supposed to come to our mission, he got called to Salt Lake and couldn’t get back to us in time. I was super bummed.

That day, though, Elder Robbins came because he was scheduled to speak to us as well. He spoke to us for longer than he had expected because he was waiting for Elder Holland to come. He is a really great man and he gave a really good message.  That night Elder Holland was at a church building speaking to the mid singles 31+.  My BFF MTC companion serves there and as he was walking out, he turned to her and pointed at her and said “I will make it up to you.” Well, last Monday night, we got an email from the AP’s saying we have an all mission meeting on Wednesday. (This kind of thing doesn’t happen normally). We were stoked guessing what it could be. We were all standing in line for a mission pic when Elder Holland walked in.  It was a super great meeting and we all got interviewed by him……(by shaking his hand and telling him where we are from). I knew Elder Holland would come back to see us.2016 0627 temple

So for a few weeks we have been planning to go to the temple on this past Saturday with our Relief Society Presidency. We were so stoked and it was finally only a few days away when our RS president got super sick and the trip was cancelled! We got the text during weekly planning on Thursday and were pretty bummed but just prayed that she would feel better sooner than later. On Friday night we were eating dinner with one of the RS counselors and she offered to take us anyway! So we still got to go to the temple! And it was such a good time. We also snuck into the baptistery to look at the font since everyone always talks about it, and it was worth it–even though we got totally busted for going in there without doing baptisms!2016 0627 Grand Canyon

Aaaaand today we got to go to the Grand Canyon!!! It is sooo cool. I’ve never been there before, so it was so sweet. You can really feel the spirit looking at God’s creations. It’s cool to think of how much detail God put into making the earth, and even more detail into making us. Sorry this email is super long! I hope you all have great weeks!

Don’t worry if I didn’t have time to email ya this week, I’ll get you next week! Also, next week is transfers so pday will be on Tuesday!

Love ya!

Sister Greener🐧


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