Oh The Flunder!!

The week without a car!

Our truck was in the shop this week so we were on bike full-time instead of part-time like usual. It was way fun, we got a lot stronger, talked to way more people, got caught in the rain, and only crashed a few times!! The best crash story was when I was stopped in a driveway and just fell backward. To make myself seem less lame, I’ve been telling people it was uphill and I was still moving, but I’m going to be honest with all of you. It broke my bike so bad that it took an hour to get it back into functioning ability and it still only goes into 6th and 5th gears. Luckily our dinner knew a lot about bikes and could help us out! It was a miracle because I probably would have died riding that thing, honestly. To make it better though, to get out of our apartment is uphill for 10 miles straight!!! Just imagine going straight uphill in 5th gear and being just a small girl! To top it off, that happened on Wednesday so I went the rest of the week in 6th & 5th gear. And no joke, no matter which way you are going in Flagstaff, it’s uphill! It made for a great week though! Also, while waiting for the bike to get fixed, our dinner’s 2 year old son heard Flunder!!!!

On Friday night, we had member rides lined up so we got dropped off at the YSA area (which is about 2.5 hours walking time to get to our other area which is where we had to go later) and then our next ride’s car wouldn’t start and had no way to come pick us up! We were totally stranded but wanted to use our time well so we walked to this apartment complex to find this less active, while waiting at the door that would never open, a different less active walked by and invited us into her apartment and we got to have a lesson with her. We always pray that if we haven’t planned the right things for the next day, to help us know and I think the car not started was gods way of helping to put us where we needed to be. After that, a member in that complex gave us a ride back over to our other area. We were walking back to finish off the night when the Flunder rumbled and a huge lightning storm started and we got just drenched! It’s okay though, because we got street credit and a cool story out of it.

I love you all and hope you have great weeks!

Sister GreeneršŸ§



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