Park It Up LV

Highlights from this last week:

An elder in our district, who is from Brazil, told us that he was going to explain this Brazilian game to us so we could play it. He then proceeded to explain dodgeball and we all died laughing.

We had dinner with a girl we were teaching that moved back down to the valley. She came up to Flagstaff just to see us and take us to dinner!!! She’s the kind of person you go on a mission to meet, someone who will be your best friend forever- and in eternity.

We forgot to set our alarm that was supposed to wake us up to go to the temple on Thursday so we woke up to the other sisters banging on our doors and windows and got ready in 5 minutes. Because I can’t see without my glasses on, I didn’t know what time it was and figured it was 2AM and we were getting broken into. I may or may not have jumped onto Sis Willis so she could protect me. Nonetheless we made it to the temple with time to spare, and got an extra hour of sleep than the rest of the district!

WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!! It was amazing as always and I learned so much.

We had Chick-Fil-A because our dinner appointment got sick.

We saw a drug bust happening 10 feet away from us!

We were fasting on Saturday because our ward is doing a 40 day fast for missionaries/missionary work and no one could do it. And that morning we went and helped someone move… But not like fake moving. Totally real moving. We moved like all of the furniture on empty stomachs….. Oh and we had biked there… so that’s the day we died. (Idk why this is a highlight)

But these are memories and I’m so thankful to be on my mission. Love you all and have a great week!

Sister GreeneršŸ§


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