Why Did the Bluebird Cross the Road?

To get to the milksnake!

This week was rough because we said goodbye to a lot of people at the institute. Everyone is going home for the summer. On the plus side, I might be here long enough to say hello again to them when they come back in the fall! Unfortunately I said goodbye to some people who are not coming back. But I’m glad I built strong enough relationships to make goodbyes so hard! Because I know all these people will be my friends for life!

Now we will just have to find those golden people who are still in flagstaff searching for the gospel! We will also be spending a lot more time in our family ward trying to find new investigators and help build them up.

We had a really cool lesson in relief society yesterday. We were talking about missionary work! The best. If you were going to share the gospel with someone, would you go up to a nice looking person or a person smoking with a lot of piercings? The natural man in all of us would want to go to someone who looks less scary. The teacher drew both of those people on the board and then wrote her name above the one smoking. She said that was her before she was baptized. Jesus Christ can change people, and we can’t judge who or who is not ready for the gospel because that’s taking away people’s agency. We need to share with everyone so they can choose for themselves. You never know who is ready!

I love you all and hope you enjoy these pictures I took with my new camera (thanks mom)

About he joke at the beginning, we heard that at our dinner appointment from a 5 year old! He mixed two jokes together but we liked that one because it makes no sense!

Sister Greener🐧



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