Hahaha! This week was so good!

Today we were at Walmart with the other sisters in the area and this old 90 yr old man stops us and tells us how nice we look in our professional clothes. Then he looks over at Sis Willis and says “you didn’t iron your skirt did you?” Hahaha that is why white handbook says to keep your clothes wrinkle-free!!

This was just such a good week! Last night all I did in my nightly prayer was just thank and praise God because it was such a good week!!!! I have two investigators that I just love to DEATH!

Literally, I could die I love them so much. We just had really good lessons with them this week. Last night we met with Vanessa and it was an AMAZING LESSON!!!! On Saturday night Vanessa prayed super hard to know if she was supposed to be baptized and all this stuff. We had a lesson planned for Sunday night so sis Willis and I planned this AWESOME scripture to show her in Mosiah 18, to help her get an answer to being baptized! Well she ended up reading the scripture in Sunday school so when we came to the lesson later she was telling us how awesome the scripture was and about how she learned that Heavenly Father answers prayers through scriptures. When we told her we were planning on sharing that scripture with her she just started crying!!

I know that this is Jesus Christ’s church because there is no way we would have been able to show her a scripture out of ALL the scriptures we have that she needed THAT day! I already knew she was going to be baptized but now we know for sure. I am so thankful I have the opportunity to have a front row seat to all these miracles!

On Saturday we decided to go tracting for the first time I have ever been on my mission. Going door to door is really scary the first time.

After about 10 houses, a man came out and said “don’t you see my ‘no soliciting’ sign.” Surprised and scared I just said “we aren’t selling anything.” He said “this applies to you.” Sis Willis just starts walking away at this point but I really wanted the man to understand the definition of the word soliciting but I couldn’t think of anything else so I just repeated. “Well we aren’t selling anything… But have a nice day!” Sis Willis and I looked up the definition of soliciting on our iPads as we are walking away.. FYI, we really aren’t soliciting.

Today for our p-day adventures, we went to the Elden Pueblo ruins.  They were okay.

Have great weeks!


Sister Greener🐧


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