On Saturday night we ate dinner with some ladies from our family ward. One of them did this project to eat only plant based food and whole foods. No meat or dairy. So we get really delicious and healthy food when we go over there. This week was an experiment of food. We had to name her invention and what we came up with is Barbeque WOTBLOC. Walnuts, onions, tofu, black beans, loaf (meatless meatloaf), oats, and celery. So there you go!

On Thursday we had a meeting in Phoenix and on Friday we had a Specialized Sister Training Meeting at Phoenix so since we had to be down there for two days anyway. We stayed the night with some sisters in the valley. Sister Willis and I had the opportunity to stay in Peoria North aka my first area!!! I got to eat dinner with one of my previous bishops and do some finding for people I was also trying to find when I was there! It was way fun and to top it off I got chocolate chips cookies delivered to our apartment from one of the members I am really close to. It was soo sweet and then on Friday at the temple we got to ask questions about anything we wanted to with the temple president and his wife and so we all learned a lot and I am really thankful I am a sister so we have special meetings!

Brooke has been our investigator for a few weeks now and she is doing really good! She is growing a lot and developing faith! She is so sweet and Christlike. We all get along really well and have really good discussions during our lessons! She even offered to feed us tomorrow night!! (: on Wednesday, she said her first prayer out loud at the end of our lesson. I am so proud of her and the progress she is making. Doing missionary work is the most rewarding thing you will ever do. Keep on friends and family, I love you all!

Sister GreeneršŸ§


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