It’s All About Pants

On Tuesday this week, I went on exchanges in Cottonwood where I enjoyed temperatures and miracles in the 80’s. It was such a great day, I missed the warm weather! I was welcomed back into Flagstaff with a snow storm.. Those times make you wish sisters didn’t have to wear skirts. Nevertheless it was back in the 60’s a few days later.

We got to go to the temple on Wednesday! I love the temple so much, it is my favorite place ever of all time. I miss not being able to go once a week but I am blessed that I get to go at all on my mission! In the temple you can always find peace and refuge from the world. I’m reminded that baptism isn’t the goal for my investigators, the temple is the goal and baptism is a step to get there! President Nelson has instructed us to “Begin With The End In Mind.” I’m not trying to baptize people, I’m trying to baptize converts.

Conference was totally mind blowing! God is so good, He knows exactly what we need. Conference is especially miraculous as a missionary because we not only receive revelation for ourselves, but also for our investigators and recent converts. I am excited to share parts of talks with them to help them through their own trials.

My testimony of the Priesthood power on earth was strengthened this week. Heavenly Father knows His children and loves them! He loves each of you, and cherishes you. Because He understands what we need more than anyone (even ourselves sometimes), he uses the priesthood to help us individually. The priesthood power is real! I love you all and pray you have wonderful weeks

Sis Greener 🐧


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