Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!!

Yesterday was one of the greatest days as a missionary! Easter Sunday.  Since it was also fast Sunday, we got to hear everyone’s testimonies about the Savior which is always so powerful- especially on the day of His resurrection! I know with all my heart that Christ rose the third day and that He is still alive today. How wonderful! He knows each of us personally and cherishes us. So much that He died for us. Let’s not let that painful sacrifice go to waste.

Johnnie was baptized on Saturday! Not a big turn out because all of the students went home for Easter, but there was still a lot of people to support him. Graciela was at the baptism too and I could see the spirit touched her. I always love bringing investigators to baptisms because they almost always feel the spirit confirm the truth and importance of baptism! All of the investigators I’ve brought to baptisms have or will soon be baptized! There is power in that ordinance because this church is so true! How could the spirit not come when a loved child of God chooses to take a step in following Him. All of us who have been baptized receive this blessing each week as we take the sacrament. How lucky are we!

After the baptism we headed straight over to a very less-active couple. Their kids aren’t baptized and they no longer believe in the gospel, but they are asking the church for financial help. The bishop told them that they would have to accept visits from the missionaries to receive the help. But after a failed attempt at teaching, we decided that the best way to help them was to serve them. They don’t really know how to organize and clean– God is so intelligent, putting sister missionaries in their area to do what sisters know how to do! We have been helping them once a week to organize and clean.

When we got there on Saturday, the mom was asleep, but the 7 year old daughter let us in. We asked her to go get her mom. The little girl came back and after a couple minutes, we realized the mom was going to stay “asleep.” So we put ourselves to work! Doing the dishes, sweeping, throwing away trash, etc. I never knew doing dishes could be so gross until I saw a silver pan turned black with mold. (Don’t tell anyone but we threw it away). People, if you do your dishes within a day or two after using them, you won’t have such a big (and nasty) project three weeks later!… (Maybe that’s why they still let the missionaries come over) but it’s okay because I love to serve!

I hope you can all find Christ this season and continue to follow him throughout the rest of the year. I love you all!

Sister Greener🐧


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