On date investigator brings potential investigator who becomes new investigator on date.

What a week! Spring Break didn’t turn out so bad! Last Monday night, after I complained about it being spring break and having no lessons, Heavenly Father decided to teach me a little lesson…. We had a lesson set up with an investigator (Johnnie) who is going to be baptized on the 26th. When he showed up…. He had a brought a friend!

Her name is Graciela. She sat in the lesson with us and Johnnie taught her the restoration. It was so amazing seeing how his testimony has grown and how he has come to know that the restoration is true.

Graciela is very open and agreed to keep meeting with us. That night she said that she already told her mom she wants to become Mormon and her mom said okay! Hahaha! (Let me just mention, we do no finding in the YSA ward.. Literally zero. They just walk into our office and get baptized!) Heavenly Father is preparing his children!!!! We met with Graciela 3 other times this week. She is on date to be baptized on April 9!! On an even BETTER note, which is hard to do at this point, the women’s broadcast is on Saturday and then conference is the week after! General Conference is my favorite holiday!!!

On a more sad note, AJ told us on Saturday that he is moving to Iowa on Monday (today) and that he won’t be able to be baptized anymore. He said he wants to get baptized when he comes back to Flagstaff in July… Really not a good idea.. All you RM’s know what I’m talking about. Satan tries so hard to stop people from being baptized. He is going to push it back as long as he can so that that person won’t have the happiness and blessings that come from being baptized. We are going to send AJ’s teaching record over to the missionaries in Iowa and tell them to knock some sense into this kid!

Missionary work definitely has its ups and downs.. But there’s never been a time in my life that I’ve been more happy. I promise as you invite others to learn about Christ, you can feel the same happiness!  I love you all.

Sister Greener🐧



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