Literally 2 Million Calls Later

Our mission is having Mission Tour this week which means a 70 is coming to our mission for a day and we will have a really big and long meeting on Thursday! (At least I’m pretty sure, this mission stuff is

confusing.) We basically read a lot of material and then we will discuss it at the meeting. We were also challenged to get 120 New Investigators last week as a mission. The week before we got 60, so we were asked to double it! I was worried because we hardly ever get new investigators. We will get 1 one week and then 0,0,0, 1,0,0,0,0 for the following weeks but to be able to contribute we would need to get 2 new investigators.

I was determined to contribute to helping the mission reach this goal so we prayed really hard and then during weekly planning on Thursday, there is a section to find new investigators. So I took that time to go through our AreaBook and call anyone that had a phone number and the slightest potential. I went through all of the potential investigators with no luck. I was working through the former investigators which is almost always unsuccessful, but I was trying!

I had literally called 2 million people (yes literally) (hence the subject line), and I was getting extremely discouraged. I looked at this lady in AreaBook named Tina Stevens. I said, I know she’s not going to answer so I’m just going to stop calling. I told sister Knott I was getting really discouraged. She said Heavenly Father will recognize how hard I’m trying. So I decided to call Tina Stevens and she WAS going to answer! I call…. And…… It was the wrong number.

Desperate, I asked the man if he would be interested in learning more about Jesus Christ… And…. He said yes! Heavenly Father blessed us with calling the wrong number, but it was someone who is actually interested AND lives in our area! I don’t know how people can say there’s not a higher being!

About the same time, we got a referral sent to us from some elders in our district. They were also going through AreaBook and found this lady who was taught by elders one time but felt uncomfortable. We called her to let her know how awesome sisters are and she accepted our invitation and we set up a lesson with her!

Later that night, we were teaching a recent convert and she gave us a referral of her cousin. We called and set up an appointment with not only the cousin, but his girlfriend and his girlfriends daughter who is 9! Heavenly Father is preparing His children! You all know these people! Never be afraid to open your mouth, because miracles will happen!

Sister GreeneršŸ§



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