I have a selfie problem.

So I’ve been on my mission for 4 months and I already have 14GB of photos on my iPad….. I realized I have a selfie problem…. Because I had so many photos that I couldn’t take any more…… And that is why you haven’t seen pictures of me for a while. So today I moved them all onto my flash drive so I can start taking pictures again!

Well I decided this week I am going to talk about 4 of my investigators and how awesome they are! I love them all so much and so I want to talk about them! (This is basically what we send our ward mission leaders every week for ward council)

Sooo JUSTIN: Welp, technically Justin isn’t an investigator because HE GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!! Wow. Justin is the one who randomly walked into the institute building 4 weeks ago, started taking the lessons three weeks ago, and WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND! Heavenly Father truly blessed me to be able to teach Justin everything and see him change through this whole process. I have seen him grow in strength of spirit a little more every time I see him. Heavenly Father truly prepared him to be baptized. Because it was so fast, he doesn’t know a lot.. Once in a while he still calls sacrament mass.. And hymns “h(eye)mns” but even though he does that, he knows in his heart that this is the true church! If it wasn’t, why would he have been baptized so quickly?! We don’t “convince” anyone. We bring the truth TO their heart, and they have to bring it UNTO their hearts. (Thank you Elder Bednar)

Next, BRETT: getting baptized this weekend!!!!!!!! Heavenly Father truly is blessing me so much to see these people accept the gospel and receive the Holy Ghost. Seeing this brings me happiness I can only describe as missionary work. DO YOUR MISSIONARY WORK PEOPLE! It will bring you eternal joy. Brett was supposed to be baptized a few weeks ago but didn’t feel ready, he had his baptismal interview yesterday and overcame his past challenges! He is ready to be baptized this weekend!

AJ: his dad was baptized recently and now AJ is taking the lessons. He last week he committed to be baptized!

JOHNNIE: new investigator!!! And he brings his less-active friend to our lessons! Double score!

This morning we got a text from one of our investigators and he dropped us. This is because some members were telling him he was wrong and wasn’t doing things right and that we are right. We cannot treat people like their opinions or beliefs are wrong.. We have to LOVE people into the gospel. This is what I want to challenge all of you to do! And it goes perfectly with this holiday! Happy Gospel Sharing everyone!

– Sister Greener in AZ


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