my favorite person

It’s a great week to be serving a mission here in Flagstaff, AZ!!! I am so stoked for this week!! We still have 3 or 4 lessons to teach Justin before his baptism THIS SATURDAY!!! I can’t explain how awesome this week is going to be! Justin is my all time favorite person right now (after Christ of course). He is so open and willing to follow Jesus Christ. I’m so blessed to be able to know him! He is so ready for baptism and he already planned out his baptismal service like a week an a half ago!

This week I got to go on exchanges with my STL (who is awesome) and we were teaching her investigator and we decided to read a story from the Bible with her. Christ is walking on water and Peter says if it’s Christ, then call him out. So Christ tells him to come and Peter starts to walk on water! But because of the storm, Peter doubts and begins to sink. We all have moments of doubt where we begin to sink, but we should always remember in those times that we can call out as Peter did “Lord, save me.” And He will be there 100% of the time.

Always remember that! Have an amazing week!

– Sister Greener in AZ



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