Life is Crazy!!!!

So we text all of our recent converts, less-actives, and investigators sometime at the end of each week and ask them for a good time to meet the following week. So after we send out that mass text, our week gets so full that we can’t really take any random appointments! We are just so busy, we go from lesson to lesson to lesson. It’s really helping me to be able to become a better teacher and a better instrument for Heavenly Father to use me in His work. We teach so much that we don’t go finding anymore. I actually miss finding!! There’s nothing like people yelling at you and telling you to stop knocking on their door!

Since we cover two wards in two different buildings, Sister Knott and I do splits on Sunday’s. Yesterday I went to our family ward and then had the opportunity to meet with one of our investigators named Mike. Of course, it was a lesson I’ve never taught before and, of course, he told us he didn’t want to be baptized this weekend anymore and that he doesn’t want to set another baptismal date until he feels right. Since I’m a new missionary, I don’t know how to handle his hang-ups, so I just bore my testimony and he’s like “I already know that” but he said he still wants to meet with us so that’s good. I told Sister Knott about some of his hang-ups and she said “still?” so I don’t think there’s anything I could do to help anyway, even if I wasn’t a new missionary and as awesome as Sister Knott is!

Speaking of my companion, she is so amazing! I am learning so much from her and I’m so grateful to be her companion and to be on my mission. There is no work on earth that is as rewarding as missionary work. I was fed salmon last night (and if you know me, you know I don’t like fish!) and the only other time I was fed salmon on my mission, she also served it with a ton of mashed potatoes (if you know me, you know I love my taters) so it was a blessing. Well this time, the lady said she made salmon and I had time to prepare myself so I went to the bathroom and prayed that salmon would taste at least decent enough that I could eat it all! And then I went to embrace the salmon and guess what?! The salmon actually tasted decent enough for me to eat!! (And the potatoes she served were good and helped!) Heavenly Father cares about little Sister Greener eating food she doesn’t want to. I’m so thankful for his blessings in my life, even down to the little things like eating food.

– Sister Greener in AZ


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