This week was full of spiritual blessings and miracles!

We were teaching our investigator, Lexie, and planned to teach about the sacrament and so we get in there and are just talking to her and the spirit takes over for Sister Knott and I and we end up teaching about the BoM and receiving revelation!! It was one of the first times that I recognized that we didn’t teach what we planned and how we just followed the spirit for what the investigator needs. That’s what we missionaries call “Teach People, Not Lessons.”

Last week, this student named Justin was walking by the Welcome Center (aka the institute building aka my YSA ward) and was just like “oh, what’s this building?” So he walked in, signed up for institute, met a bunch of members from the ward and came to church yesterday! We had a lesson with him last night and asked him to be baptized and he said “how about this Friday?” Haha I literally started laughing because I’ve never had an investigator who was so ready that they wanted to get baptized in 6 days! We ended up planning for feb 13 but, you guys, he is so prepared it’s insane. Heavenly Father loves his children!!!!!!!!!!! And he brings the gospel to them at times they need it.

So over the course of my 3 and 1/2 months on my mission, I have left hundreds and thousands of notes with our name and number on people’s doors just trying to find some potential. No one has EVER called back so it doesn’t seem very effective. My amazing BFF trainer taught me that we do it just so people know we were thinking of them and “just in case” (at least this was my interpretation of what she said). Well, everyone, I can testify that leaving notes WORKS!!! Today we got a call from a potential investigator and she said she is so sad that she missed us and set up an appointment for this Saturday!!! Lesson:  always leave notes because 1 out of every 2,000,000 will call you back!! Like I said, Heavenly Father loves his children and is preparing them to receive His gospel!!!

I am so blessed to be on a mission to experience these miracles! I promise that there is a miracle in each day and I challenge you all to look for them! Have wonderful weeks and just keep going!

– Sister Greener in AZ




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