God’s Land

Hey everyone!

This week I was transferred up to Flagstaff (also known as God’s Land or The Promised Land) which is the furthest north of the mission and it goes all the way up to the Grand Canyon. I thought my last area was big with three wards but this area is probably three times the size of my last one! I’ll never learn it!

My new companion’s name is Sister Knott and she has two transfers left! She is so wise and I have a lot to learn from her! One of them is how to eat healthy! Haha she likes to cook too so I’m hoping that will rub off on me! She also has a lot of love for the people here and likes to have fun! We get along really well so it should be a fun transfer (or more, since I have so much to learn from her!)

week I got to see my BFF MTC comp for a few minutes for the last time in forever 😭 and I also had to say goodbye to my BFF trainer and pretend like I’m a real missionary now! I’ve been trying this week to not make Sister Knott feel like she’s training me haha! We had a meeting and I was saying stuff that was confusing and the spirit was like “you don’t even know what you’re talking about, be quiet.” But I’m learning what the mission life is like without relying on my trainer– which she is probably thankful for too!!

This area is different in so many ways than my last one including that they get snow here and also that people actually answer their doors!!!! It’s amazing!!! I partly wish I would have been transferred up here for Christmas so I could have a white Christmas and then go back to the warmth! I also had a deal with Heavenly Father that I would serve in Phoenix if he would transfer me up to Flag in the summer! He was a little early on that deal!! But I’m amazed at how many lessons we get here, the people are so willing to meet with us!

The only problem now is making sure we can teach the lessons as quick as they want to get baptized!! Oh, I also got to speak in sacrament yesterday for my fifth day in the area ☺️ needless to say, life is going good! I’m glad Heavenly Father has given me the opportunity to learn so much and grow as much as possible! I hope you all have wonderful weeks!

– Sister Greener in AZ



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