two no-pros days and a lot to say


Well this week felt so slow because we had two days off for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s (many a nap was taken) but it actually turned out to be pretty productive!! I wouldn’t say the most positive productivity though, we dropped three investigators and sent two to the elders..It’s the price missionaries have to pay! We contacted a lot of potential investigators and found out that they are not interested so we deleted them from area book! It’s good stuff, cleaning up our AreaBook. I wish these people were actually interested but we are narrowing down our list. As soon as we contact everyone in our AreaBook, we won’t have anything to do! We will have to rely on the members, we can’t do much without them!! So please family, earnestly find people in your area! If you do, then maybe the people in my area will do the same and we can all help further the work together! It sounds so fun to me!!

Well this weird thing happened this week. We dropped one of our investigators because we couldn’t contact her anymore. This week I am in charge of planning because it’s part of the training program that we do. Well for some reason I scheduled for us to go and see this woman who we had just dropped! I don’t even remember scheduling her in! The next day we show up and I was like “Wait, why are we here?!” And Sister Huck was like “I have no idea, you scheduled her.” I asked “did you tell me to schedule her?” And she said “no why would I schedule someone who we dropped?” And I was like I have no idea, well we’re here so let’s just go for it. And as we are walking up, the lady opened the door before we even got there!! She said she was about ready to leave but to come back on Wednesday! What?! This lady we haven’t been able to contact for a few months and finally when we drop her, I accidentally schedule her, and she’s home! It was pretty crazy and I just automatically knew that this was the Lord’s doing.

Another (shorter) story is that same day we were going to visit one of our investigators who we also haven’t been able to contact and Sister Huck said if she didn’t answer then we are going to drop her. We rang her doorbell three times, knocked twice and were writing a note when she answered the door!! She said she has been busy with so many holiday parties (which is where she was about to head to) and that’s why she hasn’t been able to meet. Welp, that just means the Lord says we need to keep in contact with her and not drop her at this time!

I hope you all enjoyed your New Year parties and sleeping in! I crashed at 10 New Year’s Eve 😄🎉

– Sister Greener in AZ


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