Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

This Christmas was awesome!! It was weird for sure. It didn’t quite feel like Christmas because there was no snow or family around! But we did hang out with the Snow Family for a little bit! haha these amazing people in one of my wards let us go over and use their wifi to Skype!

It was way nice of them but it was even better to see my family! Good to know they’re all still as goofy and awkward as ever haha!

This week seems like not a lot happened… Satan is really good at making everyone too busy to meet with the missionaries! Satan was throwing all that he could at us this week including but not limited to my iPad screen cracking, bikes breaking, biking up hills for two days, bike crashes, and no one answering their doors! (Well maybe it’s a bike problem haha) but Sister Huck and I stayed positive and kept knocking doors! We decided to start caroling and then inviting people to the Mesa Temple Lights and last night we got to the second line of Silent Night when the lady yells through the door “No thanks, we’re Christian.” (Awkward pause)…. So are we! Anyway we just wished them a Happy New Year and biked uphill home!

This Christmas, Sister Huck and I started our own tradition of reading a Christmas story and then opening presents! The story is “The Three Trees.” I can’t put it all on here because it’s a little long and it will probably scare some of you from reading my email but I hope you will all go look up the story and read it! It is a truly amazing story and gives some perspective on “enduring to the end.” I know Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us, even if it seems he hasn’t answered our prayers. Just sit tight (and possibly wear out your knees) because everything will work out if you do!                                                                                                            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! – Sister Greener in AZ


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