Christmas Programs are Lyfe

I got to sit through three Christmas programs yesterday which was so amazing! A little tired for the third one but it was so cool!! Some of my favorite parts were during a talk in one of them. He was talking about how Mary walked 100 miles and she was “heavy laden.” I thought of the most pregnant lady in our ward who isn’t due for another month and she is just sweaty and exhausted all the time. I thought of her having to walk 100 miles and then no one having room for her…especially if she was carrying the Savior of the world. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Savior this week, why he was born, and why he died. Why couldn’t anyone just spare a CORNER for their Redeemer? Not even for this woman who was probably sweaty and tired and could barely walk and was in a ton of pain? And that when Christ was suffering the Atonement and came out to see his disciples sleeping and he asked them why they couldn’t stay awake for just one hour. I was just thinking, Christ was suffering THEIR pains in the garden and they were just their sleeping. If only they knew. But we do know! So are we going to “sleep” while the Savior suffers for us? Or are we going to do our part? Do we truly appreciate the Atonement and show that in our lives? Those are just some of my thoughts.

We went to the Mesa temple visitor’s center on Thursday and that’s when I got a lot of these impressions. I truly felt that Christ knows me personally more powerfully at the visitor’s center than I have ever felt before! I will never forget my experience at the Mesa temple visitor’s center! Also, I saw Sister Natalie Willis there!! She is so cute! We couldn’t talk though because she was busy serving her mission. I want you all to think of how you are going to remember Christ in ALL things and not get “too busy” during this time of year. MERRY CHRISTMAS

– Sister Greener in AZ



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