Forever Story

Dear friends and family,

Man I feel like each week keeps going faster and faster!!! And I have more and more things to do and no time to do it. We have been able to share the Christmas message to a lot of people in our wards. They have loved it so far. But the thing that happened this week that I will tell for years and years after my mission is the story of the rv park in our area.

So this isn’t a recreational rv park it’s like a trailer park but it’s full of rvs that people live in full time. One of our members lives and owns it and told us that one of the campers needed help putting up Christmas lights and wondered if we wanted to help. OF COURSE!!! We’re the missionaries, we love serving. So we start gathering things so we could put up her Christmas lights but she really wanted her nativity (that she thought maybe her daughter stole it to sell for heroin) but wanted us to check the shed. So I bravely open the shed door and climb over stuff and black bags full of I don’t want to know (but from what we could see were dirty clothes) and after 15 min of searching find what we’re looking for and I came out a whole lot dirtier than when I was going in. We set a lot of the lights up but then we needed cup hooks. Well those were in her trailer and she couldn’t find them….because she is a hoarder. So we offer to clean some things to help her find them. She allows and for the next 3 or 4 hours Sister Huck bravely stands and washes bags and bags of dirty dishes (6 weeks’ worth) (I know because she told us) and I moved and folded clothes that have been there for we don’t know how long because I would pick things up and the lady would say “there is that (insert article of clothing) that I have been looking for for months”. We find the cup hooks and finish putting up the lights, and walk away cold and very, very dirty, but also so grateful we never have to live like. Also grateful that we got to do lots of service and share the Christmas video with her.

Missionary work is progressing. I love the area I am in and hope I can finish out here.

Sister Greener


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