When In Doubt, Cloak It Out

Hola family!!

2015 1130 My companion and I bought matching lord of the rings cloaks, hence the subject of this post!
My companion and I bought matching lord of the rings cloaks, hence the subject of this post!



So Thanksgiving was pretty good not even too bad! We went over to a member’s house who loves us and we walked in and they all yelled “sisters!!” and that was really nice and we weren’t even like “can we join you” I just walked right over to the mom and hugged her haha. And we had fun there but we weren’t supposed to “hang out” at members’ homes so we just stayed for like an hour and then went home and watched part of Meet The Mormons and then we went and played gym games with our zone. That part was really fun except it’s hard to keep elder/sister boundaries because you want to win so bad and forget that you can’t touch the elders and then your companion is like “sister greener don’t touch the elders!” And I’m like sorry I just want to win so bad I forget. And then you have to stand there looking like a preppy girl who doesn’t play sports. Haha yep

So our investigators baptism is Jan 2 and if she goes through with it she is going to be the most awesome Mormon but she might think it’s too soon so she might not get baptized. She is so cute though. One of our other investigators we are about to drop so that’s depressing. She is so hard to meet with and we asked her when we could meet this week and she just texted this morning and said “I can’t commit to anything.” and we invited her to church but she said “I have somewhere I go regularly but thanks.” So we are probably going to have to drop her. When we meet with her, she believes almost everything we believe so we are like why aren’t you Mormon?! But there’s a disconnect somewhere but Heavenly Father is looking out for her and knows the right time for her. But three of our investigators came to church this Sunday!! It was awesome!! Sister Huck and I got asked to teach gospel principles class last minute but two of the investigators were there who don’t have a baptismal date so we taught the third lesson in PMG and she was nodding a lot so I think it went good so hopefully we can set a baptismal date with her this week!!! BOOYA.

I was thinking about the spirit a lot this week because we taught a lesson on the spirit and I have to just focus on the spirit when I go on exchanges with the hermanas because I don’t know what they’re saying but I can know that the spirit is there! The spirit is really amazing. Sister Huck and I were trying to decide what the greatest gift God gave us was and it came down to a couple things but one of them is definitely the spirit. In 3 Nephi… somewhere (I know I’m not the best with scriptures) Jesus comes and teaches the Nephites but yet what they desired most was the Holy Ghost. They had touched Jesus’s hands with their own hands and had seen him with their own eyes but yet they knew that their testimonies would dwindle without the renewing power of the spirit. So my challenge to you is to think of a way that you can more fully have the spirit in your life and then do it! I’m so thankful for all of you and hope you have a great week!                                               With love,                              Sister Greener


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