Life in Mexico

This last week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges! My first exchange! And of course, for my first exchange I was with the Hermanas in Mexico speaking Spanish. And if you didn’t know, my mission is English speaking so no hablo espanol. Oh and also, I was still in Arizona but everyone that we taught was Mexican so we just call it Mexico haha. Oh and also, it was my first time riding a bike on my mission. But guess what. They only had an elder’s bike so trying to get on and off that thing was not very lady like haha. Like everyone had the fullness of the gospel. Anyway so we talked to all of these people and I basically didn’t say anything all day besides “hola como estas, puedo usar tu bano?” 😀 solid. So my goal for the day was to just focus on feeling the spirit and to be better at listening. So when they were teaching lessons, I would just listen to the words and I didn’t know a lot of the words they were saying but I could pick out a few so I knew the topic of what they were saying but I didn’t know exactly what they were saying. But they were teaching a lady and I was watching the Hermana who was teaching and her eyes were glowing! And I just knew that whatever she was saying was true. It was amazing to be able to feel the spirit that strongly when I couldn’t even understand what they were saying. So that was an amazing experience and then we went to dinner and the member fed us this huge meal and I could barely finish and then everyone went for seconds and I was like I could barely eat firsts! And then the lady was like you don’t like it? And I was like it was soo good but I just have a small stomach. And she was offended but it’s okay because then she pulled out crickets for dessert and I ate like three so she wasn’t offended anymore haha! So yeah! It was pretty exciting!! 2015 1116 2And I get to go on another exchange with them on Saturday because my companion is a2015 1116 1 sister training leader so she has to do an exchange with a bunch of the companionships. I don’t really understand but I’ve just learned to go with the flow because there is too much for me to know it all right now!!! I love you all now please enjoy this photo of me eating a cricket.

Sister Greener


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