Epi Pens and Prayer

Hey fam!!!

Okay missions are awesome!

This week we ate dinner with this amazing lady named Leika! She is Greek and translated the BoM into Greek for her people. Needless to say she’s my new fifth favorite person in the world. When she was translating the BoM, she got this clock and it played I Need Thee Every Hour every hour and so she would get down on her knees and pray every hour. Whoooaa. So the next day I tried to pray as many hours as I could which is kinda hard because we’re not in situations where we can kneel down and pray every hour so I think I really need Thee every two hours or so. Haha. But as I was doing this, at one hour I was like, I don’t even have anything to pray for. And I was like, okay of course there is something to pray for, talking to Heavenly Father should be my priority so I started praying for every person who popped into my head. It’s amazing. I want you all to try for a day to pray every hour even if it’s just a silent prayer in your head and you will see the increase of God’s love for you and the spirit that is in your life. Pretty amazing.trainer epi pen

Also, this week my comp got some new epi pens (she’s deathly allergic to eggs BTW) and so she decided that she wanted to try one of them on me. I was running away from her and she told me it was a trainer pen haha! So I took a photo of the pen because it says trainer on it and she’s my trainer so enjoy that photo. She just told me I’m really bad at telling this story but it’s still a funny story haha so I hoped you enjoyed my bad story telling.

Don’t forget to turn to the Lord and trust in Him for He is mighty to save. Have amazing weeks. I love you all!                                                         Love                                                                                                                                                                   Sister Greener


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